We have a lot to be thankful for don’t we? This time of year, a lot of people share what they’re thankful for. This is certainly the case when it comes to having a roof over our heads. So in the spirit of the holiday, we at Colonial Homecrafters wanted to share our thoughts on why we are thankful for having a home for the holidays…

A Place To Congregate: Whether they be near or far, our homes provide the best place for family and friends from all across the globe to come together and celebrate the holidays.
Renovation Freedom: We are thankful that we can do whatever we want to our houses, and we don’t have to have permission from anyone (well maybe our spouses). We can remodel, do landscaping, whatever we want. You can’t do that in a rented apartment!
A Sense Of Pride: We can look at our homes all lit up and decorated for the holidays and say, “We bought that. We made this place a home”. That brings a sense of accomplishment.
Keeping Busy: A perfect remedy from a huge Thanksgiving or Christmas Feast, is participating in a little homeowners exercise. Raking leaves, shoveling snow and hanging lights for the neighbors to enjoy, keeps our faces flush and waistlines in. We are thankful for the chance to spend time outdoors admiring our handiwork.
A Memory Scrapbook: Precious memories are made under the mistletoe, beneath the Christmas tree, around the fireplace and in the kitchen. With laughter and the smell of cookies filling the air, we are thankful to have a place to provide the foundation as we fill the pages of our own scrapbook.
As the year winds down and we reflect on the many reasons to be thankful this holiday season, we know that having a roof over our heads is a dream that everyone can appreciate. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or have been living in your house for 20 years, having a place to call home, especially around the holidays, is something we should never take for granted.
Wishing You and Yours Happy Holidays from Everyone at Colonial Homecrafters!