Size Matters!I

n today’s real estate market garages are becoming more important. Purchasers are realizing that with growing families and teenage drivers garages must be functional spaces that cars and storage items adequately fit with room to spare.
At Colonial Homecrafters, Ltd. garages are one of the most important features in every home. The dimensions of the garage and the proper placement and sizing of the garage doors mean all the difference between a garage that can accommodate the proper amount of cars and one that is basically useless.
Consider that most homeowners own at least one SUV; a SUV on average is around 15’ to 17’ bumper to bumper. If you have an extended SUV or add on a trailer hitch it is going to be even longer. Most in the homebuilding industry claim that a two car garage is 20 feet by 20 feet which is unsatisfactory in today’s market. Colonial Homecrafters, Ltd. design criteria are that a two car garage should be based on a dimension of 24 feet by 24 feet. Our average three car garage is 24 feet by 34 feet. A three car garage in a basement may be slightly less deep, depending on design due to space constraints. We have even built homes with four car garages.
Garage doors sizes are often overlooked and can mean the difference between keeping your side view mirrors and not. A standard size garage door that can accommodate two cars is 16’ wide. A standard single size door that can accommodate one car is 9’ wide. The standard height of a garage door is 7’ but again with most homeowners owning a SUV 8’ is more desirable. The designs of garage doors are continuing to get more attention as well. The selection for different styles, options and opportunities for customization offered by garage door manufacturers are diverse and numerous.
Today’s garage is just not a storage unit for junk and cars it is an extension of the home’s living space. Visit any Lowes, Home Depot or custom closet company and you will see the extensive offerings of garage storage features from refrigerators to work benches and wall storage options.
Let’s recap:
Two Car Garage 24’ x 24’
Three Car Garage 24’ x 34’
Door Size: single door to accommodate two cars standard16′, better 18’ if space and budget allows
Single door to accommodate one car standard 9′, better 10’ if space and budget allows
Door size Height: Standard 7’
Preferred 8’
As real estate professionals we get to know our clients very well. We ask about their lifestyle, their children, bedrooms required, live in parents, neighborhood location, home design preference; but how many times have we asked them what size their cars are? By asking this critical question you can save your customer and yourself disappointment when they go to park their two cars in a three car garage and discover that they can barely park the two cars in the garage.
Size does indeed matter and so does your builder!