One detail that Colonial Homecrafters, Ltd. does well is how we treat doorways. In this blog we will discuss Arches. Arches installed in our homes come in two basic designs: a half round or semicircular arch and an elliptical arch. The half round arch is defined as an arch where the radius of the arch matches half of the width of the door. An elliptical arch is defined as an arch that has an ellipse or an oval shape.

A half round arch is typically used in homes that have higher ceilings. For example if you have a three foot wide door that is six foot eight inches tall and you add a half round arch to this door the new height of the door will be eight feet two inches to the top of the archway and even taller if you factor in your trim work. At eight feet two inches in a typical home that has nine foot ceilings you will only have ten inches for crown and door casing. This is very tight and will allow for minimal wall space if any between the door casing and the crown molding. This is also the widest door that you can have a half round installed in a nine foot ceiling and achieve a good balance of door casing and crown molding.


If you have a wider opening and you have nine foot ceilings or lower an elliptical arch is the best choice. Any mill work company can affect the size of the ellipse to achieve the necessary scale and balance. The photo above shows an opening that is over twelve feet wide and accommodates a beautiful elliptical arch. Can you imagine how blasé this space would look if there was a standard rectangular case opening instead of this elegant arch?


Arches can be added to almost any door and the aesthetic impact they make are well worth the investment. Arches can also be dressed up with keystones at the top of the arch or fluted columns on the side casing legs. The limitations of the size, shape and design of an arch are endless.
Arches improve any opening or doorway and make the ordinary become spectacular. Colonial Homecrafters, Ltd. pays attention to the details.